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    Freight forwarding courses equip graduates with skills to work in the logistics and transport industry. Major activities involve transportation of cargo through sea, air, railways or roads and recording of details of cargo, duty calculations, filing of waybills, clearing cargo in the borders and ports, insuring cargo and so on. The following courses are offered:

    Freight Management Courses

    CouseDurationExam body
    Diploma in Freight Management24 MonthsKNEC
    Foundation Diploma in Shipping Management 6 months @module KNEC
    Advanced Diploma in Shipping Management9 MonthsICS
    Diploma in Maritime Management9 MonthsICM
    Advanced Diploma in Maritime Management9 MonthsICM
    Graduate Diploma in Maritime Management9 MonthsICM
    Certificate, Diploma in Logistics & Transport6, 12 MonthsCILT
    Certificate in shipping management 6 Months KNEC
    Diploma in Logistics & Transport 6 months @module KNEC
    Certificate in Logistics & Transport 6 Months @module KNEC



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